Welcome to the P&N Bank Broker Hub

Welcome to the P&N Bank Broker Hub, where accredited brokers can find self help product and policy information, calculators, and more resources. We are also pleased to announce that our Broker Support Chat service is now live. Together with telephone support, we are open in more ways now to help answer your queries, from application status and policy clarifications through to scenarios and more.

Not accredited with P&N Bank? Contact your relevant BDM below for information on how to become accredited with us.

Meet our broker support team

Meet your friendly and dedicated broker liaison officers, specifically trained to help you navigate any challenges in getting your applications through to final approvals and settlement as efficiently and timely as possible. Our team is ready to answer your queries by telephone, email and now via our new Broker Support Chat service.

Irmina Sikora

Senior Broker Support Officer

Teresa Begg

Broker Operations Specialist

Lauren Wright

Broker Support Officer

Jasmine Coe

Broker Support Officer

Meet our broker business team

Welcome to your broker business team, who are dedicated to your success. We care about our relationships with our local brokers, and are here to support you in providing products and services to your clients.

Elisia O’Callaghan

Business Development Manager: PLAN, FAST, Choice


0402 971 978

Aaron D’Vaz

Business Development Manager: Connective


0401 719 960

Drew Harrod

Business Development Manager: AFG


0490 306 087

Dan Serra

Business Development Manager: Specialist, Resolve, VOW, Mortgage Choice (Smartline), Loanmarket


0499 948 985

Mel Camps

Credit Coach


0482 168 482

Broker Support Call

Broker Support Chat

Call us to speak to someone in our Broker Support team.

Get in touch with us via our Broker Support chat service to chat to a member of our team.

Mon - Fri 08:30am to 4:30pm WST

Mon - Fri 08:30am to 4:30pm WST